A brand of top quality classic
English teas created with respect
for the English tea drinking traditions




There is nothing more
English than a cup of tea

Only Britain raised tea to the rank of a national drink. The devotion of the British to tea influenced the course of history, inspired for deeds
and discoveries and served as a driving force
in the development of the British Empire.







The TET team are high-caliber professionals having more than 25 years of experience in the tea world who are also people being truly passionate about what they do.


Using only 100% natural ingredients.

Adhering to the English tea drinking traditions.

Guaranteeing the consistency of taste in every cup.

Only select teas from Sri Lanka, Kenya, India and China, rightfully considered to be the world's best.

We create tea for ourselves, for our beloved ones
and for our families, we are certain of the quality of our product and we want as many people as possible in various countries of the world to have an opportunity to taste
true English tea and appreciate its quality.

We do our best to ensure that such traditional product
as classic English tea brings people joy and lightens their mood.

We are proud of the tea we produce

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